The Iron Trial - Cassandra Clare, Holly Black

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
This Book is about Callum Hunt a young boy chosen for the magisterium. The magisterium is an underground school for mages in training. Mages are wizard like people who have powers over the elements, fire, water, air, earth and chaos. The only problem is Call really doesn't want to be there. Is father has warned him of the dangers of the magisterium.Calls mother is dead according to his father the magisterium is to blame. Soon Callum finds his father may have been mistaken he fined powers fun and friendship. That is until he learns he may some how be connected to the Enemy, the bad mages who draw on the powers of chaos. This is a wonderful read, written my two of my favorite fantasy authors.

As I was reading this I realized I found many similarities between this and Harry Potter and The Sorcerers (Philosophers) Stone. First the Characters,we have the golden trio. Call, Tamara, and Aaron. Call, the complicated main character with no idea the amount of overwhelming power he possesses. Tamara, The smart know-it-all girl whom visibly knows the most about there world of magic. Aaron, The kindhearted best friend that will always stick up for the protagonist. Julian, the arch nemesis that is mean and jealous of Call's power so he constantly taunts him for is flaws. Master Rufus, The old powerful teacher who knows more about the protagonist them he lets on.
Sound Familiar???
Then the plot. A boy seemingly normal as you can be in a school full of wizards, finds out he posses special powers. This boy is a assisted by his very smart friend who is a girl and best friend who is easy going and kind. As the story progresses the boy finds out he may have the soul of the most horrible enemy of his new home living inside of him.
Well that's never been done before. :/

Although I did find many things about this similar to Harry Potter there were just enough differences to make it refreshing and new. I did really enjoy this book. I love Harry Potter so reading something similar as not a hardship for me.